Sauna and bathing experience in the heart of Bodø


Pust sauna in Bodø is an arena for well-being, socialization across age and social class, and has become a respite in people’s hectic everyday life.

Should be experienced, if we do say so ourselves.

Pust the sauna in Bodø consists almost exclusively of top-quality pine trees from inner Troms. The trees were first planed in Skibotn, and then assembled into elements in Tromsø, before being assembled into a unique building in Bodø. Rigged with stage lights outside and inside, the sauna has truly become a bright spot in the middle of the inner harbor in Bodø. The sauna room itself is decorated with cedar wood for a unique finish.

– jump into the sea, catch your breath and activate your senses.
In the intersection between nature, culture and people there is Pust.

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