The Bodø River winds its way through the suburban agricultural landscape. The hike follows the river through flat terrain. The urban settlement is faintly visible in the distance, but along the river path, the landscape alternates between vast open agricultural areas, tall trees, open grassy fields, and undergrowth.


Maskinisten or Bodøsjøen

Highest point

ca 45 masl


Easy, marked path


11.6 km round trip


Gravel road, paved path


2 hours

Hike Description

Begin at Bodøsjøen outdoor area or at Maskinisten. There are ample parking options available. Follow the well-marked trail. The path along the Bodø River offers beautiful stretches within safe surroundings, suitable for cyclists, pedestrians, and those with or without strollers.

The trail is brimming with history, nature, and culture that can be experienced through the audiovisual app called “Kultur- & naturvandringen” (Cultural & Nature Walk). At Bodøsjøen Friluftsmuseum, you’ll find 14 houses from various places in the Salten region. The Norwegian Jektefartsmuseum is also located here, featuring the ship “Anna Karoline” as an impressive testament to a proud maritime tradition. The journey continues along the coastal path alongside Saltfjorden – a hike filled with rare contrasts and expansive views.

The trip is one of Salten Friluftsråds selected 55 attractive hikes in the region.

Getting to Bodøelv

Using public transportation, you can reach this area by taking a bus from Bodø city center to Maskinisten bus stop, with frequent daily departures and a travel time of about 15 minutes. Buses also run from Bodø city center to Bodøsjøen daily. Buses heading towards Bodøsjøen have connections to buses here at City Nord.

Walking distance from City Nord to Bodøsjøen outdoor area is within reasonable distance.

You can bring your bicycle for free on the bus if you want to cycle from the bus stop to the starting point of the trail.

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