7. himmel Spa and Body Care


7.himmel is one of the country’s leading clinics in the field of skin and body care and spa treatment. We started up in 1998 and have now grown into a facility with 13 treatment rooms at two different branches.

The branches are located at Storgata 6 and Ramsalt.
At our Ramsalt branch we offer group-treatments and duo-treatments. This is a fun and comfortable way to enjoy treatments together with a partner or a group of friends
We offer a variety of treatments from massages, facials, salt scrubs and
a number of other classic treatments in addition to spa treatment, such as waxing, , eyelash dyeing, etc. At our Storgata 6 branch, appointments for treatment will also carry on after the shop has closed, in which case our therapist will come downstairs to you at the agreed time.
”The best thing you can give someone is time for peace and self-care.”

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