With its lush valleys, majestic peaks, vibrant waterfalls, and tranquil forests, Gjerdalen was named Sørfold’s most attractive outdoor area in 2015.


Gjerdalen is where rugged granite meets lush valleys, majestic peaks, serene pine forests, raging waterfalls, and tranquil waters.


Along Gjerdalsveien

Highest point

216 – 1512 masl


Easy – Challenging (depending on how far you walk)


0 – 38 km round trip


Along trails, forests, and mountain terrain

Estimated time

0 – 8 hours

Hiking Description

If you arrive by car, take the exit from E6 at Kobbvatnet and follow Kobbvassveien for about 3 km until you reach the information board about Gjerdalen.

During the summer season, you can continue driving along the construction road for another 3.5 km to a new gate. This gate opens on July 15th and closes no later than October 15th, or when snow arrives.

From this gate, it’s approximately 5 km to Gjerdalsvatnet and the cabin of Fauske and Sørfold JFF (hunting and fishing association).

Another 2 km along the construction road from the cabin is the starting point for the hiking route to Hellemobotn in Tysfjord. A few more kilometers along the construction road, you can begin the ascent to Gasskatjåhkkå (1512 meters above sea level) or venture into the largest wilderness area in the Nordic region, Padjelanta, and the Swedish national parks. 

This hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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About Gjerdalen

Gjerdalsvatnet was named Sørfold’s most attractive outdoor area in 2015.

Here, you’ll find fishing spots and accommodation cabins adapted for people with disabilities. The valley holds numerous cultural and wartime remnants, and you have abundant opportunities for berry picking, mushroom foraging, small game hunting, fishing, cycling, summit hikes, mountain treks, and climbing.

If you’re interested in witnessing hydropower in action, there are ample opportunities both in the valley itself and up at Reinoksvatnet or Linnajávrre.

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