The Gjerdalen valley in Sørfold municipality offers lush valleys, calm lakes, foaming waterfalls and raw granite. If you cycle into the valley, you can experience cultural and war monuments, pick berries and see if the fish are biting.

Experience the Gjerdalen valley’s majestic nature


Sørfold, Kobbvatnet


June – September


19 km


728 m


Gravel road


2 hours (return)

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Mountain road cycling

Cycling in Gjerdalen

Route description

The cycling route up to the Gjerdalen valley starts at Kobbvatnet Camping in Sørfold municipality. If you are driving from downtown Bodø, the journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Follow the road from Kobbvatnet Camping and then turn left up the road Gjerdalsveien. This road leads into the Gjerdalen valley. You will soon find yourself in a beautiful valley landscape with excellent options for hiking and fishing. 

Ride along Gjerdalsveien

This nice gravel road is about 17 km long. It winds through the valley landscape before finally ending up in polished mountain scenery. This is a wonderful bike ride in majestic surroundings, which is possible to ride from mid-summer.

Get to know Sørfold

Tips for your bike ride:

  • 55 Forførende friluftsmål (enticing outdoor destinations) – often 55FF – are specially selected, attractive hiking destinations in Salten ranging from easy walks to more demanding hikes. Read more about 55FF here.
  • Change your cycling direction and time of day to suit the weather and other wishes. Remember it’s light 24/7 here during the summer. You can always turn back or replace stages by express boat (if possible).
  • Bring a bike pump, tyre lever, extra bike tube and multi-tool suitable for your bike. There are few bicycle operators in the district.
  • Bring a water bottle. The water from mountain streams is mostly drinkable.
  • Check the opening hours of the grocery stores you plan to use before you set off.
  • Leave as few physical traces as possible and always dispose of your rubbish responsibly.
  • Remember you are not permitted to camp closer than 150 m from an inhabited house or cabin.
  • Special rules may apply for camping in nature reserves.
  • Be considerate to other traffic (even though there is not much).
  • Greet people you meet and stop for a chat.

Bike rental

You can rent bikes in Bodø at the following places:

Opplev Nord AS

Konrad Klausens vei 4A
+47 901 92 636

Sport 1 Sentrum

Sjøgata 17
+47 995 08 001
(250 m from Sentrumsterminalen)

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