Cave exploring in Beiarn

Did you know that you can find the largest occurrence of caves in Salten in Beiarn?

Some are more accessible than others.

One of the caves that is facilitated for visits is “Rønnåhøla.”

Rønnåhøla is well facilitated and can be admired from a distance or experienced from the inside. The cave is only 250 meters from the road, with a well-maintained path, providing an exciting experience for the whole family.

As you approach the cave, there are railings along the path. A bridge takes you over the waterfall that runs through the cave, and you can feel your pulse rise as you cross. An exciting experience for both young and old. You can walk about 25 meters into the cave. Helmets are not mandatory, but children often find this thrilling.

If you wish to visit other caves, you need to bring a guide or someone familiar with the area.

Rules for visiting the cave

  • Take nothing – just pictures.
  • Leave nothing – only footprints (and barely even that)

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