Hovdsundet and Auvika

The iconic beach in Hovdsundet has become one of Bodø’s most photographed motifs. It really is a natural gem that is worth checking out. The hike itself takes approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes, but on the way you can make a stop in beautiful Auvika.

Facts about the trip

Parking/start: Marked parking before Mjelle

Difficulty: Medium, clear trail but not marked

Length: 8 km round trip

Estimated time: 3 hours round trip

Terrain: hilly path, rock and beach

Municipality: Bodø

About the trip

In addition to the fact that the beach at Hovdsundet is beautiful, the walk there is also exciting and incredibly beautiful. You walk along the shore and have beautiful views of the sea and scenic mountains all the way, and with a bit of luck you might see a sea eagle or two along the way. Our best tip is to stay along the outer side of the mountains all the way until you catch sight of the beach. If you set off into the forest to take a “shortcut”, the terrain is very rough, and it usually never pays off.

We recommend visiting the beach at low tide as the beach is very small at high tide.

On the trip out to Hovdsundet, you pass Auvika, another one of Bodø’s most beautiful beaches. If you want to camp, this is the best place to set up a tent.

Eagles and other birds nest (in spring) and sheep graze in the area, so take care and show respect for the animals along the road. Remember to take rubbish home and clean up after yourself.


Drive or cycle along “midnattsolveien”, county road 834, 2 miles in the direction towards Kjerringøy. Turn left and and take the road marked “Mjelle/Mulstrand” for 3 km. Park at the top of the hill before driving down to Mjelle (there is a relatively large parkinglot here).

From the parking you walk back down the road a little bit. At the small parking (room for approximately 3 cars) where the road turns, the path starts out towards Auvika and Hovdsundet. From here you follow the path, and walk along the outer side of the mountains all the way out. The path is hilly and you have to climb in some places, but don’t be tempted to go into the forest. The path is not marked, so it is easy to get lost.

Public transport

If you want to travel by public transport, take the bus from the city center of Bodø to Mulstrand bus stop. Several daily departures, approx. a 35 minute journey. It is approximately 3 km from the bus stop to the trail’s starting point, but you can bring a bicycle on the bus to shorten this part of the trip. The bus timetable can be found at reisnordland.com

Plan your journey so that you know which bus you can take back to Bodø. Not all buses stops at Mulstrand. If the bus does not go here, it is approx. 2 km to walk from the stop at Mulstrand to the next bus stop by the main road.

Guided tour

If you don´t know the area very much, we recommend booking a local guide. Experience North or Nordland Adventures will take you there.

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