The Blix Trail goes through the landscape where the hymn writer, politician, Bible translator, and North Norway patriot Elias Blix grew up. The monument by the sea was unveiled with a grand public celebration during the 100th anniversary of Elias Blix, who was born on February 24, 1836.


Park at the store in the harbor in Våg.

Highest point

20 masl.

Difficulty level.



4,1 km round trip


Path and road.


1 hour

Hiking Description

Park at the store in the harbor in Våg. Walk through the campground towards the north to the red markers by the rock where the hiking trail begins. Follow it past the boathouse area, and take a left towards the monument at the intersection near Vågsosen. Follow the blue markers along the beach around the headland and up to the hill where the monument stands.

On the way back, follow the signs to Elias Blix’s estate at the intersection after Vågsosen before retracing your steps towards Vågsosen and turning left towards the parking lot at Våg harbor.

You can also start the hike at Elias Blix’s estate.

The hike from Våg harbor to Vågsosen and then to Elias Blix’s estate mostly follows a straightforward gravel road. From Vågsosen to the monument, you will walk on a trail through the terrain.

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How to get there

To reach Blixstien, the easiest way is by bus, boat, or your own car. Both boat and bus services operate daily from Bodø to Våg (Sandhornøy) with travel times of approximately 1-2 hours.

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