Jordbrua – Láhko National park


On this hike, you will enter absolutely spectacular nature, find magical limestone formations, rare species of flowers and several lakes with various fish. Besides Jordbrua being an experience to look at, you can also swim inside the formation.


The dam at Langvatnet

Highest Point

508 masl


Moderate, marked trail


14 km round trip


Easy steady climb. Varying ground, but mainly easy terrain.


5 hours

Hiking Description

Drive to Sundsfjorden on fv. 17. From here you take the construction road south, and up Sundsfjordfjellet. There is a car parking at the southern end of Langvatnet where the road ends. From here, follow the path a short distance north along the lake, before it turns and you head south along the ridge of Stabbursfjellet and down to Fellvasstua. Fellvasstua belongs to BOT/DNT and is an open cabin. Follow the markings along Fellvatnet to the east end of the lake. Here you will find the Earth Bridge over the outlet of Sundvasselva. The forest offers somewhat tortuous progress, but the reward is birdsong.

The trip is one of the Salten Outdoor Activities Council’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

Getting to Jordbrua

The easiest way to get to Sundsfjordfjellet is with your own car, but you can take a bus to Sundsfjorden as well. From here it is a good march up the Sundsfjordfjellet. Alternatively, you can also take a bicycle on the bus for free and pedal along the mountain road.

More hikes and activities nearby

Gildskål offers dozens of experiences. From the top of Sandhornet, you look straight down on both the Arnøyene and Langsanden, which are nice places to visit. The ferry to the Arnøyene leaves at the foot of the mountain where the tour starts. You can also take the ferry over to Sund/Inndyr, which is the municipal center in Gildeskål.

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