Hellmobotn, or Vuodnabahta as the settlement at the bottom of Tysfjorden is more accurately named, is situated in the Lule Sami area. The hike to the border follows a traditional travel route over to Sweden. The Lule Sami people have a presence on both sides of the border and have actively utilized these areas for centuries.
During the war, this route was an important escape route for refugees.


Hellmobotn dock

Highest point

600 masl


Expert, marked


19 km round trip


Varied forest and mountain terrain


8 hours

Hike Description

The hike from Hellmobotn to the national border is a popular route today. This area represents the narrowest point in Norway, and the scenery is spectacular. It’s just 6.3 kilometers in a straight line from the innermost part of Hellmobotn to the border with Sweden. The hike is packed with experiences, ranging from the fjord to the high mountains. At the viewpoint called “Kanonen,” you stand 200 meters above Hellmojuvet – the largest canyon in Northern Europe!

The trail is marked with the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (Turistforeningas) “T” signs all the way to Sweden. From Hellmobotn, the hike begins as soon as you arrive at the pier. The terrain is dry and pleasant in the summer, with bridges over the rivers that need to be crossed. From Hellmobotn, there are two commonly used paths to ascend the mountain. One crosses the bridge to Njallarheim, the cabin of the Tysfjord Hunter and Fishermen’s Association. The other recommended route follows a path up the valley before crossing the river at Storråvve. Initially, there are some steep ascents, but it eventually levels out, making the hike easier. 3 km before the national border, you can take a detour to an open hut (gamy). It’s a great spot for a break. From the border, the trail continues into Vaisaluokta in Sweden, where the Padjelantaleden trail starts. You can hike the entire trail to Jokkmokk or complete half of it and turn off at Staloluokta to reach Sulitjelma.


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Getting to Hellmobotn

From Kjøpsvik in Narvik and Drag in Hamarøy, there are three weekly express boat routes to Hellmobotn during the summer.

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds 55 attractive hikes in Salten.

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