The Straumstien trail provides an unique perspective. Here, you walk along calm and easy paths, surrounded by the steep mountains of Steigen and Hamarøy, passing through protected fjord areas and alongside one of the world’s most powerful ocean currents, Nesstraumen.


The parking at Ness

Highest point

5 masl


Easy, marked path


4 km round trip


Along the road and path


1.5 hour

Hike Description

You’re walking in the present, in an area rich with cultural heritage spanning from the Bronze Age to today. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon one of the numerous pre-Christian burial mounds or traces of the 5000-year-old settlement? The Vikings were also active in the region. The area is teeming with birdlife and vibrant floral beauty.

Start from the parking area close to the road’s end and follow the path from the informational sign. It might be tempting to cross the mud flats at low tide, but note that there is quick clay in some places. At the strait, there’s a wonderful resting area with a lean-to shelter made of stone, approximately 1.3 km from the start. The round trip continues around the headland, overlooking Skutvik. Signs along the path indicate the way to Viking graves. Leave the shoreline when you pass the first cluster of buildings, and follow the farm road to the right after a gate. You will then join the road back to the starting point near the small boat harbor.

There are wild sheep grazing in the area, so please close gates and remember to keep your dog on a leash!


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Getting to Straumstien

For the trip to Ness, the easiest way to get there is by using your own car or combining a bike ride with the express boat to Skutvik.

You can take advantage of the daily express boat (Nordlandsekspressen) service from Bodø to Skutvik, which takes approximately 2.2 hours. You’re allowed to bring your bike on the express boat.

Upon arriving in Skutvik, you can then take a short bus ride from Skutvik to Ness, which takes about 5 minutes. If you’re planning to stay overnight, consider booking accommodations at Ness Camping.

This journey is one of Salten Friluftsråd’s selected 55 enticing outdoor destinations in the region, offering you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors at its finest.

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds 55 attractive hikes in Salten.

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