Lavvoglamping – Adventurous stay


Lavvoglamping – close to nature, yourself and Sámi culture.

Sámi Safari Camp (all-inclusive) is a little local “secret” deep inside Mannfjord in Hamarøy municipality, far from other people and far from electricity and wi-fi. Here we use forest bathing and Sámi spirituality – stories and rituals – to inspire you as a guest to restore a good relationship with nature. And when the night creeps in, we’ll take you out on a quiet walk to visit the places of the stories we shared by the fire. Back at the camp again, we’ll drift to sleep in soft beds in the two-person lavvos, where wooden stoves will keep us warm throughout the night – even when it’s cold outside.

Travel by train to Fauske/ Narvik or by plane to Bodø airport/ Harstad-Narvik airport, and then by bus or rental car to Helland marina in Hamarøy where we pick you up by boat on agreed upon time.

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