At the top of Hatten/Kleppen, you’ll discover one of the most splendid viewpoints in Northern Salten. The summit is tailor-made for taking in panoramic vistas. With its elevation of 850 meters above sea level, it stands as the highest peak for miles around.


The northern side of E6, approximately 300 meters north of the settlement in Tortenåsen.

Highest point

850 masl


demanding, unmarked


6,4 km round trip




3 hours

Hike Description

The trail might appear impassable from a distance, but it actually follows a well-marked path. The final steep section presents an enjoyable challenge. To make the ascent easier, a ladder has been installed. Hatten is the highest peak in the magnificent mountain range, with Bjønnkjeften to the east and Tilthornet to the west. On the descent, you can also take a short detour to explore Bjønnkjeften.

The hike starts from E6 between Ulvsvåg and Bognes. You’ll find the exit at the highest point on E6, just above the farms in Tortenåsen. Park here and follow the trail and forest road on the eastern side of Fjellvatnet (Lake Fjell) towards the base of the mountain. From there, the ascent becomes steeper, but the trail is manageable. Ascend into the valley between Bjønnkjeften and Hatten. Then, follow the ridge to the summit. The last 20 meters can be a bit challenging, but a ladder has been installed on the south side to assist most hikers. You can also ascend from the west side. Even if you choose to finish the hike just below the last cliff, you’ll still enjoy a memorable view.


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Getting to Tortenåsen-Hatten

For the hike to Hatten, you can most easily get there by using your own car or taking a bus along E6. The bus runs from Bodø to Tortenåsen. The journey takes about 4 hours from Bodø.

You can also travel by express boat to Skutvik, which takes about 2.2 hours with daily departures. Bicycles are allowed on the express boat, and there is a bus connection from the express boat to Ulvsvåg with further connections heading north.

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds 55 attractive hikes in Salten.

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