Bodø – European Capital of Culture in 2024

Bodø is the first European Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle. The year will be filled with 1000 cultural events, and the program will follow the light throughout the year in the arctic.

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The five seasons throughout the year:

A Yearlong Journey Through Arctic Culture

Step into the Heart of Arctic Culture! Bodø proudly claims its title as the first European Capital of Culture in the Arctic, the largest cultural happening in Norway in over a decade. This marks the third occasion when Norway has held this prestigious title. This visionary cultural project stands as a testament to our commitment to nurture and enhance the cultural vibrancy of our region.

Prepare to be enchanted by a mesmerizing array of 1000 cultural events throughout 2024. Let us to guide you through the ever-changing seasons of the Arctic and unveil the program highlights of each chapter. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Arctic heritage, the vibrant world of the arts, and the sheer magic of our yearlong cultural celebration.

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Cultural experiences available the whole year around in Bodø & Salten

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Here comes the sun

Happenings January – February

Welcoming back the sun

The return of the sun after the long polar night, marks a new beginning. In Nordland, the first rays of sunlight gently caress the landscape on January 13th, heralding the onset of a fresh season.

Join us in celebrating the rebirth of the Arctic with optimism and hope. This season is a time of production and prosperity, where we ARCTICulate the rich history of the Nordland region, setting the stage for an extraordinary cultural journey.

‘Here Comes the Sun,’ the inaugural season, beckons to those eager to immerse themselves in the storied history of Nordland and the captivating culture of Norway’s indigenous Sami people. Throughout this season, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic array of Sami events, lose yourself in mesmerizing concerts, explore captivating art exhibitions, and be spellbound by performances that convey the unique experiences and profound history of the Sami people and the region.

Events you don´t want to miss out on during the first season of the Capital of Culture Year

culture night, Bodø centre

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Spring Optimism

Happenings March – May

Blossoming together

The season embodies the spirit of renewal, forward thinking, and youth We celebrate the boundless optimism that blooms as the Arctic landscape awakens from its winter slumber. As the northernmost region above the Arctic Circle, Nordland experiences a rapid transformation in daylight, visible to the naked eye from one day to the next.

This season is not only about the physical transition from darkness to light but also about the renewal of the human spirit. ‘Spring Optimism’ is a time to come together, nurture togetherness, and reinforce our shared European identity. It’s an opportunity to cultivate a warm, democratic society and work collectively to prevent the onset of any new cold war. Join us as we embrace the optimism of spring, a season that inspires hope, unity, and a brighter future.

Events you don´t want to miss out on during spring

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Midsummer Madness

Happenings June – August

Embracing Arctic Summer’s Endless Light

When summer hits the Arctic, ‘Midsummer Madness’ takes over, bringing with it a sense of excitement and joy under the magical Midnight Sun. A special feeling of happiness and energy approach us during the long, bright summer nights in the northern regions, especially above the Arctic Circle.

‘Midsummer Madness’ represents a time of happiness and liveliness because of the unique experience of having daylight all day and night. It’s when people enjoy outdoor activities, spend time with friends and family, and take part in various celebrations that define the summer season. These celebrations include parties, concerts, outdoor games, as well as simpler pleasures like picking berries, fishing, or having a meal outdoors in the arctic nature.

Midsummer Madness events to check out

youth doing gymnastics in beautiful nature

Things to do in Bodø & Salten during summer

summer in the arctic is stunningly beautiful with white sandy beaches, steep mountains, crystal clear waters and midnight sun adventures

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Autumn Storms

Happenings September – October

Navigating the Winds of Change

With the arrival of autumn’s crisp embrace in the Arctic, ‘Autumn Storms’ takes center stage, ushering in a season of intellectual exploration, cultural enrichment, and thought-provoking events. As daylight wanes and the northern lights return, a unique atmosphere emerges, setting the stage for a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, meaningful discussions, and historical insights.

‘Autumn Storms’ represents a shift from the vivaciousness of summer to a more profound phase of cultural exploration. The season serves as a platform for discussing significant matters, offering space for reflection, and celebrating the intellectual and artistic richness of the Arctic. You will have the opportunity to engage with substantial topics, immerse yourself in insightful dialogues, and partake in a wide range of cultural events that explore the intersections of politics, literature, and history.

Check out these autumn events

European Capital of Culture 2024

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Arctic Light

Happenings November – December

Captivating Colors of the North

As the year draws to a close in the Arctic, we revel in a season when even the ‘mørketid’ or ‘dark period’ becomes a canvas for inspiration. Despite the absence of sunlight, the Arctic skies becomes a captivating display of colors.

‘Arctic Light’ signifies a season of introspection and visual splendor, where the brilliance of the Northern Lights takes center stage. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the captivating hues of the Arctic winter, where the dimmed lights reveal a world of enchanting colors and unexpected beauty.

We celebrate the Arctic’s unique character and cultural diversity, where the brilliance of the ever-changing light inspires artistic expressions and captivating art and music.

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Winter and wind at Keiservarden

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