9 Things to do In the Autumn

Fall is the perfect time for cozy indoor moments, with the appeal of snuggling up on the sofa with lit candles and warm blankets, especially on days when the wind howls around. On other days, autumn offers great hiking weather, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful colors of nature in shades of yellow, red, brown, and orange.

Here are our nine suggestions for cozy fall activities

1. Go on a northern lights hunt

Northern lights hunting is the perfect autumn activity, and when the weather and the aurora align, a magical experience awaits. It is best seen on completely clear evenings, preferably around 11 PM or later, and you need to be away from the city lights for the best viewing experience. Remember to turn off the lights on your car or flashlight as well.

The Northern Lights season in Salten is from September 1st to April 1st.

2. Go Hiking in the Forest

There is little that can beat a hike surrounded by nature’s beautiful shades of yellow, red, brown, and orange. Just remember to dress warmly for the autumn weather, and feel free to enjoy your dinner outdoors under the starry sky. Here are some of our hiking tips, from short forest walks to high mountain peaks. The suggested trails are well-prepared, and many of them have paths suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

3. Go to a museum

Visiting museums is both enjoyable and educational. Explore the museums, galleries, and exhibitions in Bodø and Salten – there is something for all ages and interests! Learn about the mining history and what it was like to be a miner in the 20th century in Sulis. Here, you can join a locomotive and wagon deep into the mountains, an experience that truly takes you back in time. Learn about the Norwegian aquaculture industry at the Salmon Center, or about Knut Hamsun’s life and works at the Hamsun Center. Experience Norwegian history through both military and civil aviation exhibits at the Aviation Museum, be fascinated by beautiful artwork at the Karl Erik Harr Museum, or go on a street art hunt in downtown Bodø.

4. Explore Salten’s national parks

Salten has 5 different national park, each offering unique and exciting experiences in their own way. In Rago, you can hike through a contrasting and spectacular landscape and experience the feeling of true wilderness. Làkho and Junkerdal offer a unique plant life and fantastic fishing opportunities. In Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, you can encounter a diverse wildlife and visit Northern Scandinavia’s largest glacier: the mighty Svartisen. If you’re going on a trip with children, Sjunkhatten, with its numerous hiking trails and fireplaces, is the perfect destination.

6. Cooking classes with Hege’s Food Experiences

Hege is a “chef on wheels” and offers outdoor cooking classes. If you want to make your hiking, friend’s trip, or family Sunday outing extra special and learn how to cook delicious food outdoors, this is perfect. Hege will come to your location, whether it’s in the mountains, forest, by the shore, or indoors. In the cooking, you will use local ingredients from Salten and Nordland, including some self-produced ones.

7. Go to a concert at Stormen

Fall is perfect for indoor experiences, and at Stormen, you get just that. They have a fall packed with great concerts and theater performances that are suitable for everyone.

8. Cycling on the nature trail in Saltdal

In Saltdal, a nature-based bike trail has been established throughout the municipality. Cycling is said to be therapy for the soul, and it can’t get more perfect than cycling surrounded by authentic North Norwegian nature. At the Saltdal equipment center, you can rent bikes for the trip, so you don’t have to bring your own if you come from afar. Saltdal Tourist Center also has two e-bikes available for rent.

9. Go on a weekend-getaway

Set aside a long weekend with your family, friends, or just by yourself. Spend time doing what you love and forget about everyday worries and stress. Whether it’s relaxing at a spa, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying cultural experiences, here are our weekend getaway suggestions.

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