City break with shopping and champagne

A weekend trip with a group of friends is always wonderful in the autumn. Shopping, champagne and hysterics with good friends provides an important top-up before a long winter. Bodø will surprise you with world-class culture architecture, local products and wine.

Day 1: Luxurious city feeling in compact Bodø

Bodø is a town but, if you know where to go, you can still get that authentic city feeling. The advantage is short walking distances between quality restaurants, hotels, shops and spectacular nature-based experiences. It’s only a 15-20 minute to walk from the airport to the heart of downtown Bodø (PS: Remember to get a window seat on the plane – Bodø has one of the most beautiful approaches imaginable!).

Champagne lunch at Craig Alibone Pâtisserie & Champagneria

Kickstart the weekend with a champagne lunch at Bodø’s chocolate king Craig Alibone. You will be greeted by pastel pink interior and a counter full of chocolate, macaroons and fantastic cakes – all handmade with tender love and care.

You will be served well chosen champagne or wine to accompany the sweets. This brand-new place has already been placed on the Star Wine List. It’s not without reason that this is the new local favourite in Bodø. In the evening, you can visit the champagne bar downstairs but remember to book a table!

Craig Alibone
Craig Alibone (Karoline O. A. Pettersen)


Bodø has several good designers and high-quality local products waiting to be explored. Examples include salmon skin handbags from Studio EBN and stylish woollen garments from FOGG Gildeskål. You can also check out the local products at Husfliden Bodø, posters at Gundersons and household interiors at No.14.

Bodø has several shopping centres. City Nord, which is Northern Norway’s largest shopping centre, and the Koch centre in the heart of the city both have all the shops you need and a bit more.

Relax in your hotel room

Although Bodø is compact and the walking distances are short, you will need a breather after a long day on your high heels. The hotels in downtown Bodø offer new and comfortable rooms with views of the sea and mountains. Enjoy a rest on the hotel bed, show off what you bought and dance to music while getting ready for the evening.

Go to a sky bar

After recharging your batteries, it’s time to go out on the town. There are many places to choose between. If you are new in town, we recommend going to a sky bar – either Top13 at Radisson Blu Hotel or Roast on the top floor of Scandic Havet. You can enjoy Bodø’s best drinks combined with a formidable view! The fact that Bodø is set in North Norwegian nature makes it even more spectacular. If you are lucky, you will get a glimpse of the Northern Lights in the night sky.

Get inspired

City break with shopping and champagne

Day 2: Retreat day of culture and wellbeinge

Bodø has been selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2024. A lot of exciting things are happening on the cultural front here, so now is a good time to experience it before the Capital of Culture year arrives and everyone else does. Combine that with a few hours of well-being and you have the recipe for a perfect girls’ day out.

Street Art hunting and people watching

Start the day by exploring Bodø’s side streets and hunt for the street art on several buildings across town. You can take cool photos for your Instagram feed. You can also take stylish photos on the quayside outside the magnificent Stormen Library. If it gets cold, go inside and enjoy the architecture and views of the harbour while enjoying a coffee at the library café.

Lunch concert at Stormen

As well as the library, the Stormen Cultural Quarter also houses a wonderful concert hall. The Arctic Philharmonic plays lunch concerts in the foyer here every Friday – a perfect daytime activity if it’s a but chilly outside. It’s also worth going to a concert in the evening. Afterall, Stormen has been named as one of the world’s best concert halls for performing acoustic music.

Spa and wellbeing

What screams girls’ trip more than a day at a spa? 7. Himmel (7th heaven) and Spektrum Wellbeing Centre both have a selection of saunas, treatments and Jacuzzis indoors and outdoors. Enjoy a joint group treatment with chatting, wine and massage. You can also book longer treatment in pairs or separately.

Enjoy dinner at one of Bodø’s best restaurants

Bodø has many good restaurants. Try the classic Bjørk serving Italian favourites like pasta and pizza, Asian treats like crispy duck or sushi at Ohma or the best fish soup in town at Bryggerikaia. For wine enthusiasts, we recommend LystPå or Txaba – Tapas & Wine bar, both of which offer casual fine dining and excellent wine.

Day 3: Explore urban nature before departure

It’s a short distance from your hotel room and straight out into spectacular northern Norwegian nature with sea spray, high mountains, white sandy beaches and northern Norwegian autumn air. Even if you are on a city break, enjoying a mini nature-based experience is mandatory when you travel here.

Brunch at Brødrene Berbusmel

Start the day at one of Bodø’s cafés. For the city’s best cinnamon buns and many other delicious baked goods, head to Brødrene Berbusmel in the middle of the square. They also sell local products that you can buy to take home.

Sunday walk in the urban nature

Buy a coffee to go and enjoy a stroll in the beautiful nature around town – or in one of Bodø’s parks. Walk along the breakwater in downtown Bodø or jump on a city bike and ride to Nyholmen Skandse. The fittest visitors can go on Bodø’s most popular hike to the top of the city mountain, Keiservarden. The walk up to the “Emperor’s cairn” takes approx. 45 minutes and you will be rewarded with 360° panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Get to know the city

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