5 things you must eat when you are in Bodø and Salten

There are some dishes you must eat when you’re in Bodø and Salten. Some of them you may have never heard of before, but they are guaranteed to not be forgotten once you’ve tasted them. Here are 5 dishes you must try when you’re in Bodø and Salten.

1. Møsbrømlefse

Salten dish nr. 1. This is an old traditional dish, which is served as a main course by the locals, even though visitors may think it’s more of a dessert. Møsbrømlefse is simply lefse made in a traditional way, topped with butter and sour cream. You can’t leave Salten without trying møsbrømlefse. Møsbrømlefse can be found at Kjelen kafé, Nordnes kro og camping and many more places around Salten

2. Grilled stockfish

You can find grilled stockfish at several restaurants in Bodø, and it is a popular dish among locals and visitors. Stockfish has been exported from Norway for several hundred years, and is therefore an important part of our culture and food tradition. Taste this delicious dish at places like BjørkBryggerikaia og Lystpå.

Craig Alibone, Pâtisserie and Champagneria

3. Macarons, cakes, and chocolates from Craig Alibone

You can’t visit Bodø without a stop at Craig Alibone Pâtisserie & Champagneria.
Here, you can get your hands on heavenly macarons and chocolates, as well as many fantastic French desserts. This is likely to be some of the best things you have ever tasted, made by hand with a passion for the craft. You can even enjoy a glass of champagne on the side.

4. Local produced products from Beiarmat

Cheese from grassfed goats, local meat and traditional “lefse” is some of the local products you can eat at Beiarmat.

5. Fish soup

Authentic North Norwegian fish soup is just as good in the summer as in the winter. Fresh fish, straight from the sea along our coast, served in a delicious soup. Fish soup can be enjoyed at places like Bryggerikaia in Bodø or at Kjerringøy Rorbusenter. 

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