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Marcialonga Arctic Ski Race


Welcome to a spectacular ski marathon, starting and finishing in Rådhusparken, in the heart of Bodø city. On March 9, 2024, the first edition of Marcialonga Arctic Ski Race will take place in the capital of Nordland, just north of the Arctic Circle.

The race will be a skiing event out of the ordinary, boasting both urban surroundings and the best that the northern nature has to offer. The course is designed to be accessible to everyone, from the ordinary ski enthusiast to the elite athlete. However, a vertical difference of 850 meters ensures that it will be a tough but fair competition in the beautiful Bodømarka, surrounded by the sea and mountains.

The heart of the race is in the center of Bodø. This provides a unique opportunity to conduct a compact event. Participants can walk from the city’s hotels to the starting point, and there is a short distance to the shower in the hotel room after the finish. Another advantage is that everything is set up for a real celebration in the city center right after the finish line. We set up the world’s largest lavvu (traditional Sami tent) with catering in the middle of the park, and the evening is filled with music and other cultural performances from the mobile stage.

A compact event is a good starting point for our focus on sustainability. This means that we do not need to facilitate polluting transport to and from the start and finish areas. Marcialonga Arctic Ski Race wants the sport of skiing to have a future and therefore emphasizes environmentally conscious choices.

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