15 Things to do while traveling in Norway with kids

Traveling with the family should take place on the children’s terms, and children are greatful holiday guests.
They are not particularly weather-sick and the main requirement is usually that the family do something together.
And ice cream, lots of ice cream!

Here are our best tips for a family-friendly summer experience in Bodø and Salten.

1. Bathing!

Bodø & Salten is filled with beaches. Long big beaches or small private ones. Both those that are populare and easily accessible, and those who are small, secluded and completely empty of other people. Find your favorite and let the kids swim and play as much as they want, study crabs and seaweed and dont forget to bring a shovel and a bucket.

Nothing beats a northern Norwegian summer day on the shore with bonfire and packed lunch.

Photo: Zdeno Dvorak

2. Go island hopping

Bring or rent bikes, book a place on the speedboat, and explore the Nordland coast in the best way. Experience the archipelago with Væran, Fleinvær, Bolga, Arnøyene and many more. By bike you get around easily, and there are short distances for children to cycle on the islands. The ultimate summer experience for the family’s youngest member as well as for the oldest.

3. Bratten Activity Park

Bratten Activity Park in Bodø offers large outdoor areas with play stands, mini traffic school, electric mini-Pelle cars, a campfire area and a outdoor fitness park. This is the perfect place to enjoy your day outside, with activities for the kids and a stunning view of the mountains and sea.

4. Mørkvedhallen climbing center

An all time favorite of the the children who lives in Bodø, is to go to the climbing center.
Here you can find one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful climbing centers.
The center offers activities for all ages and levels

Here you get the chance to try automatic decent systems, bouldering and rope climbing. The smallest ones can frolic in the children’s room with climbing walls, ropes and a climbing frame.

Photo: Mørkvedhallen Climbing Centre

5. Nordland National Park Center.

Children loves to learn, and often ask about all kinds of things.

At Nordland National Park Center in Saltdal all members of the family can experience art, nature and Sami culture through the app Bædi and Børdi.

Next to the center is an outdoor climbing jungle where children can enjoy themselves.

Nordland has nine nattional parks, and here at the visitor center you can learn about all of them. In addition, you’ll find the Adde Zetterquist art gallery in the same building, which is really worth a visit! We promise thats this experience is just as educational and interesting for the adults.

PS: Sjunkhatten National Park is called the children’s national park and has many beautiful hiking destinations for families.

6. Norwegian Aviation Museum and Newton flight academy

The Norwegian Aviation Museum has a great, large exhibition. With the app Bædi & Børdi, the little ones get a fun, digital guide that takes the children through the museum. The slightly older children can look for yellow boxes with tasks in them, while the whole family can end the trip in the family area Luftrommet with cool air experiments. In the airspace there is also parental parking.

At the Newton Flight Academy right outside the museum, everyone can drive a “full motion” flight simulator, and try for the approach to Bodø. This is one of the coolest experiences in town!

7. Nordlandsbadet

For those days with bad summer weather, we recommend that you go and visit Nordlandsbadet. Here you’ll always find summer temperatures! Nordlandsbadet is one of Northern Norway’s most modern indoor water parks and has pools of all shapes and sizes.
Other attractions include fountains, caves with a flow channel, water mushroom, jacuzzis, saunas and a café offering service in wet and dry zones.

8. The Hamsun Center

At the Hamsun Center in Hamarøy, you can learn more about Nobel Prize-winning author Knut Hamsun’s life, and immerse yourself in literary history.

The spectacular building is shaped lika a Hamsun character if you look closely.

9. Spend a night in a tent

A summer in northern Norway is not complete until you’ve spent at least one night in a tent. Whether it’s in a garden, on a campsite, on a remote beach or on one of the many islands you can find in Salten.
Explore the nearby outdoor areas with beaches, beautiful hiking destinations, gap huts and beautiful natural gems.

Photo: Frank R. Dahl

10. Pick your own berries and visit the forrest of fun.

Take the trip to Strøksnes in Sørfold. Here you can visit Bjørklund farm where you can pick your own strawberries and raspberries, enjoy fresh cinnamon buns in the café and spend the night in a glass dome.

Dont forget to explore the forrest of fun or “Artigskogen” as we say in norwegian. The forrest is filled with dozens of whimsical figures and fun.

11. Playgrounds, parks and outdoor areas

Bodø city center offers several fun playgrounds and parks where you can take a deep breath between all the city activities. Here the adults can enjoy a good cup of coffee while the kids get to play and run around. This is also a nice way to get in touch with the locals.

Here are our suggestions for parks and playgrounds.

  • The Sunpark/Solparken in Bodø center is new and has modern and beautiful play stands. There is also plenty of space for skateboards and scooters
  • The Activity park on block 99 is a great area with outdoor exercise eqipment, play areas, benches and tables.
  • Bodøsjøen outdoor area is perfect for a barbeque day or just a trip to the shore. While you are there we recommend that you visit the Jekt museum.
  • Maskinisten is the ultimate place for short trips and hikes. Here you will find several gap huts, barbeque areas and a sand roof where the children can play.
  • Rensåsen park offers large grass areas and you can bring your frisbee’s and do a round of frisbeegolf here.
  • Bankgata skatepark is a great place for kids with skateboards and scooters!
  • The city beach in Breivika has both large grass areas, play equipment and a barbeque area. Enjoy ball games on the large grassy plain or take a bath on the shore.
  • The interactive playground on the square in the city center is quite populare with the slightly older children. Here they get several options and games to choose from, and get to be active in a different and fun way.

12. Salmon Center

Salmon Center can be found in Hamarøy, Bodø and Gildeskål. At the centers you can learn more about one of Norway’s most important industries, the aquaculture industry. Here you can get a guided tour, learn from interactive screens on both walls and floors, study the salmon and shop in the gift shop.  

13. Spend the day at Kjerringøy

Kjerringøy is a natural gem and a must-see. Drive from Bodø to Festvåg and take the ferry over to Kjerringøy. Here you can visit the old trading post from the 19th century. You can visit the chalk-white beaches swim in the turquoise sea and go on beautiful walks.

14. Bodø Action Hall

Bodø Action Hall will cure your boredom! Here you can play with laser tag, try virtual reality and solve puzzles in escape-rooms. This is just as fun for childish adults as it is for the kids!

15. Bowling

A game of bowling always strikes! It’s especially fun on fridays and sundays, because then there’s funbowling with music and disco lights!

For adults, Royal Bowling also offers billiards, shuffleboard, snooker board and a bar lounge.

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