Olivia Ramsalt


Focusing on the best Italian ingredients, we serve pizza, pasta, and other Italian classics – all made from scratch and with love in our kitchen. Crispy, stone-oven pizza, creamy pasta dishes and Italian antipasti can be found on all menus in our restaurants. In addition, we offer meat and fish dishes served the Italian way.

Our northernmost restaurant is in Bodø newest city part: Ramsalt. A short walk from the trail-station and the port of Hurtigruten you can enjoy the views towards the ocean and have a glimpse of Lofoten. During the summer you can sit outside and watch the midnight sun on our outdoor seating. In other words, a perfect place for a break between all the nature experience the area has to offer. Each Olivia-restaurant is inspired by different Italian cities, and Olivia Ramsalt is inspired by the port city Sorrento. Here is seafood in focus, which you will discover in the menu.

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