Nordnes Kro & Camping


Nordnes Kro and Camping is located in the lush Saltdal, right by E6 and Saltdalselva, a 1.5-hour drive from Bodø. Here, you’ll find a modern campsite and a uniquely charming roadside inn.

Surrounded by national parks and nature experiences to suit every taste, Nordnes Kro and Camping is the perfect starting point for a stopover whether you’re heading north or south, seeking a base for exploring the area, or in need of accommodation during fishing season. You can also rent bicycles and explore the well-maintained cycling routes along the Queen of the North – Saltdalselva.

At Nordnes Kro and Camping, you’ll savor delicious Norwegian traditional food made with locally sourced ingredients. The most popular dish is the Møsbrømlefse – an absolute must-try!

Additionally, every year in September during the Cultural Heritage Days, the Traditional Food Days take place, focusing on traditional dishes and culinary traditions that are at risk of being forgotten.

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