Geitvågen Bad & Camping


Geitvågen Bad & Camping has cabins and caravan / motorhome / tent / hammock pitches and is located in a scenic area, with a midnight sun view and a salt water bath which is naturally heated.

Geitvågen Bad & Camping is located in scenic surroundings with views of Landegode and orchestra space for the midnight sun. The area is green and lush, with camping cabins of older years, which have upgraded interiors by 2020. Some cabins have water / shower / WC, while others are without water, and all have cooker / hob / kettle. The service house is of a good standard. Kitchens with stovetops and washers / dryers are provided. There is space for caravans and motorhomes with electricity, as well as tents and hammocks (which are also rented out). The salt water pool is naturally heated and it is well-equipped with playground and bathing areas. There is a summer café on site.

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