Hidden Gems you Need to Explore

Bodø and Salten are filled with hidden gems. Drive a new route and discover a completely new place where experiences are waiting for you. Paddle to a hidden beach, that’s all to yourself, or stop at a small inn and try a local dish. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Go on new adventures and discover all the exciting things about Bodø & Salten.

1. Skarbua in Steigen

A small cabin with majestic views overlooking Brennviksanden and Brennviktindan.

2. Boat Around Væran Island

A round trip by express boat to several charming and idyllic islands located just outside Bodø. You can choose to hop off at some of the islands or stay on the boat and enjoy the views.

3. “Møsbrømlefse” at Nordnes Kro and Camping

Møsbrømlefse is a delicacy in Salten, and a must-try when you are in the region. If you’re going to eat it somewhere, we recommend Nordnes Kro & Camping. Here you can also see the bakers in action.

4. Gjerdalen

With its lush valleys, majestic peaks, and abundant waterfalls, Gjerdalen is one of Sørfold’s most attractive outdoor destinations. It’s great for cycling, climbing, and hiking.

5. Caves in Beiarn

In Beiarn, you will find the largest collection of caves in Salten. Some are more accessible than others. Rønnåhøla is well-prepared with a path and handrails. Exciting for the whole family.

6. PopUp Restaurant at Landegode

A PopUp restaurant at Landegode lighthouse, just outside Bodø. Each week, a renowned guest chef will take over the kitchen and offer you a flavorful journey with local ingredients and culinary diversity. The PopUp Restaurant will be open in the summer of 2023 and 2024.

7. Sandhornet at Sandhornøy

Take a detour from the Coastal Highway and embark on an adventure on Sandhornøy Island. Near the end of the island, you will find the hike up to Sandhornet. In addition to being one of the most beautiful mountain hikes in the area, the island offers several fantastic natural experiences, unique accommodations, and one of Salten’s largest sandy beach – Langssanden. This is the best of Northern Norway.

8. RIB-Safaris

Go on a RIB-safari to Saltstraumen or out on the islands around Bodø.

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