Hidden Gems for Peacefulness

Sometimes, we travel on vacation just to take a break, unwind, and rejuvenate. In Bodø & Salten, there are hidden gems where you can fully immerse yourself in nature. Find an idyllic beach where time stands still, experience the tranquility of untouched nature, or explore hidden treasures far away from the stress of everyday life.

Take a look at some of our hidden gems below.

1. Thaihuset

This hidden gem can be found just by the road as you drive through Gildeskål. Thaihuset and Gammen, a place for reflection and deep contemplation.

2. The Stave Church in Beiarn

A miniature stave church, built by one man just looking at a postcard. Truly a hidden gem in Beiarn, surrounded by nature, tranquility, and charm. And while you’re in Beiarn, we recommend you to discover more hidden gems. You might be surprised.

3. Sami Safari Camp

Far away from time and place, you will find the Sami Safari Camp. Through the eyes of the Sami people, you will experience nature with all five senses and be guided to relax through mindfulness and forest bathing.

4. Engen Farm

Idyll at its best. Here you will find peace and relax with magnificent views of the fjord and Svartisen glacier.

6. Langsanden

Langsanden impresses with its size and location. Here, you have a prime view of the midnight sun in the summer time and the northern lights in the winter. The beach is long and wide, making it easy to find a spot all to yourself.

7. Bjørklund Farm

Bjørklund Farm is situated idyllically in Strøksnes, Sørfold. The drive out here is an experience in itself. At Bjørklund Farm, you can pick berries and sleep in a dome, right in the midst of nature.

8. Skarbua

Getting here requires a bit of extra effort, but it’s well worth it. Skarbua in Steigen offers majestic views and opportunities for hiking in the forest and mountain terrain. Relax and let your thoughts wander in the stunning North Norwegian nature.

9. Pust – Floating Sauna

Sauna followed by an ice-cold dip. Here, you can truly relax and recharge your energy. Pust (which means “breath” in Norwegian) can be found in Bodø harbor.

10. The Cycling Path in Saltdal

Enjoy the tranquility with the sound of the river and birdsong as background music. On the cycling path in Saltdal, you get close to nature and harmony. The ride can be done at your own pace, and you can choose the length of the journey yourself.

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