Cycling in Salten

Our suggestions for bike rides in Bodø & Salten

Nordland is Norway at its most beautiful. When you visit Bodø & Salten, you will discover everything from high mountains and plateaus to tranquil valleys, coastal areas and islands. Ride along scenic roads, over mountain roads or experience both cycling and sea spray by combining your bike ride with an express boat along the Nordland coast.

Cycle along scenic roads

Suggested routes along the most beautiful stretches of road in the region

Do you want to mix nature-based experiences with vibrant cultural landscapes, cultural heritage and a dash of urban life? If so, these bike rides will suit you.

These three scenic cycling routes all start from Bodø (naturally they can be ridden in the other direction) and stretch in different directions.

If you only wish to bike one way, these routes can be combined with public transport or private vehicles.

Cycling in salten

Scenic roads

Cycling routes and descriptions

Cycling and sea spray

Cycle along the coast in combination with express boats

The express boats link Nordland together. Bring your cycle with you provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the world’s most beautiful coast.

Cycling and Sea spray are three different bike rides in combination with the express boat routes in Bodø & Salten – north as well as south in the region. You will find a travel planner and can book space for you and your bike on

cycling in salten

Cycling and sea spray

Combine cycling and express boats on these routes

Cycling on mountain roads

Cycling in the mountains

The Salten region’s varied landscape of mountains and fjords offers an Eldorado of mountain roads to bike on. If you choose to ride on mountain roads, then a lot is up to you. If you want to feel adrenaline, pulse and sweat, simply step on it. If you would prefer to feel refreshing mountain air, enjoy peace, views and perhaps take some detours into the mountains and pitch your tent, these options are possible too.

If you want an even easier ride, opt for an e-bike. Regardless of the type of bike you choose, you will be rewarded with magical views and nature-based experiences.

All the routes have one thing in common – little or no motorised traffic.

Cycling in salten

Cycling on mountain roads

You can go biking along these mountain roads

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