Cycling to Kjerringøy

Bike along the northern coast of the Bodø peninsula towards the idyllic summer destination of Kjerringøy. With its countless chalk-white beaches, steep mountains and historic sites, Kjerringøy is a perfect holiday paradise. 

Route description

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Cycling in salten

Cycle to Kjerringøy


This cycling route starts in downtown Bodø. You can start from the train station and follow the road Jernbaneveien until you reach the road sign showing the way to Kjerringøy. Follow the signs all the way to the Kjerringøy peninsula. As soon as you round the first hilltop, you will get a taste of what is to follow. From Bratten, you will get a wonderful view of the coast and the mountain range known as the “Lofoten Wall”. If you set off late in the evening, this is where you will see the Midnight Sun.

Northern coast of Bodø

On the ride from Bodø up to the ferry landing at Festvåg, you we see one beautiful beach after the other: Løpsstranda, Ausvika, Geitvågen, Buholmen, Auvika, HovdsundetMjelle (55FF) and more. You can simply pick and choose where you stop. If the weather and sea don’t tempt you to take a refreshing swim, all are nice destinations, especially in the golden rays of the Midnight Sun.

If you want to park your bike and hike up a mountain, Steigtind, Litltind and Finnkonnakken are all good options. You can also have a look at Sjunkhatten – the children’s national park.

Highlights along the northern coast of Bodø:

Festvåg – Misten

Take the ferry from Festvåg to Misten. Catch a glimpse of the majestic Mistfjord during this short but scenic ferry crossing. When you continue from Misten to Kjerringøy, just let the ferry queue pass and then you will have your side of the road to yourself. You will encounter a compact, varied landscape with many attractions gathered close together. This is a unique coastal landscape with polished mountainsides, pointed peaks, white sandy beaches and rich farming areas.


Kjerringøy has featured in several films based on the novels of the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun. In recent years, the place has also been the location for the popular Norwegian reality TV show Hver gang vi møtes (Every time we meet).

Most people associate the peninsula with the Kjerringøy old trading post, which had its heyday in the 19th century. As the collection of old buildings retain many of their original contents, this is one of the country’s most important architectural monuments from this period. The unique cluster of buildings has received the St Olav’s Rose, the Norwegian Heritage Foundation’s seal of quality.

Other highlights on the Kjerringøy peninsula include local food, galleries and traditional boat building. Spend time here and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

From Kjerringøy, you have the option of continuing your trip by biking north to Tårnvik at the far end of route no. 571, where you will find the idyllic Kjerringøy Rorbusenter. You will pass Strandå and Låter along the way, both of which are rare natural gems. Remember that climbing the mountain Strandåtinden requires good climbing knowledge or a guide. If you stop at one of the white beaches, you can relax, enjoy the Midnight Sun, feel the south-westerly or dip your toes in refreshing sea.

When it’s time to return to Bodø, it’s up to you whether you bike back via the same route or catch the bus.

Explore Kjerringøy:

All activities, accommodation and places to eat nearby:

Tips for your bike ride:

  • 55 Forførende friluftsmål (enticing outdoor destinations) – often 55FF – are specially selected, attractive hiking destinations in Salten ranging from easy walks to more demanding hikes. Read more about 55FF HERE.
  • Change your cycling direction and time of day to suit the weather and other wishes. Remember it’s light 24/7 here during the summer. You can always turn back or replace stages by express boat (if possible).
  • Bring a bike pump, tyre lever, extra bike tube and multi-tool suitable for your bike. There are few bicycle operators in the district.
  • Bring a water bottle. The water from mountain streams is mostly drinkable.
  • Check the opening hours of the grocery stores you plan to use before you set off.
  • Leave as few physical traces as possible and always dispose of your rubbish responsibly.
  • Remember you are not permitted to camp closer than 150 m from an inhabited house or cabin.
  • Special rules may apply for camping in nature reserves.
  • Be considerate to other traffic (even though there is not much).
  • Greet people you meet and stop for a chat.

Bike rental

You can rent bikes in Bodø at the following places:

Opplev Nord AS

Konrad Klausens vei 4A
+47 901 92 636

Sport 1 Sentrum

Sjøgata 17
+47 995 08 001
(250 m from Sentrumsterminalen)

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