Cross-Country Ski Trails in Bodø & Salten

Whether it’s a family Easter trip or a workout on ski, here’s an overview of some of the groomed ski trails you can find in Salten. Pack some chocolate and hot cocoa, wax your skis, and head out for an adventure.

1. Bodømarka

If conditions allow, you’ll find over 60 km of trails in Bodøs outdoor area. Park at Bestemorenga or Maskinisten and go skiing on the lit trail, which allows skiing even after dark.

2. Sulitjelma

Sulitjelma boasts several kilometers of groomed trails. Jakobsbakken is a great starting point for a ski tour, offering world-class trails.

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3. Hamarøy – Ulvsvågskardet

Hamarøy features a 10 km-long groomed ski trail, maintained with a trail machine.

4. Steigen – Djupdalen/Nordfold/Foldstranda 

Tracks are set here when conditions are good, offering a roughly 10 km-long trail. This trail is partly groomed with a machine and partly with a snowmobile. There are also tracks between “Kjærlighetskroken” and Stamsvika, spanning about 13 km.

5. Vestvatnet i Misvær

You’ll find approximately 14 km of groomed trails here, maintained with a trail machine. These trails are directly connected to the alpine facility in Vestvatn, allowing you to enjoy both cross-country and downhill skiing.

6. Beiarn

From Larsoslia in Beiarn, tracks are set up to Beiarfjellet when conditions are good. The total trail length is approximately 25 km, groomed with a trail machine. This is an excellent option for skiing enthusiasts in late winter.

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