Are you traveling to Bodø to participate in FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship?

Welcome to Bodø

Bodø & Salten is the ultimate combination of culture and nature. Here you will find one of Norway’s fastest growing cities, located in the middle of magnificent nature and hidden gems.
Discover the captivating city of Bodø beyond the event itself.

Experience the breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and unforgettable adventures that awaits in this urban coastal gem.

Things to do in Bodø

Bodø presents lots of breathtaking natural adventures, vibrant city vibes, and activities for the whole family. For our young explorers, we’ve set up a lineup of activities. Whether you’re craving heart-pounding outdoor thrills, diving into the local culture, or unleashing your energy at one of the city’s indoor activity hubs, we’ve got you covered.

Active experiences to do with your group

Attractions, museums and places to see

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Bringing your family?

Here are our best tips for familiy holidays in Bodø & Salten

Extend Your Stay: Extraordinary Adventures Before or After the Event

Make the most out of your journey to Bodø by adding a few extra days to your stay. Discover the beautiful region of Bodø and Salten. Explore the culture and stunning nature, go for an endless adventures in the Salten region surrounding Bodø.

See our tips on what to do in our region below. Create unforgettable memories.


Bodø has immediate access to hiking adventures, perfect for young explorers. Set out on an evening hike to Keiservarden, a local favorite, or explore the beautiful beaches lining the northern side of the city. For those seeking more challenges, go for a longer summit hike to the peaks just outside the city center. We promise breathtaking views.

Bodø is The European Capital of Culture in 2024

The whole year will be filled with cultural events

Where to eat?

Discover a range of dining options. If you are eating with a big group, we suggest to book a table in advance.

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