7 Thing to Do in Bodø & Salten This Easter

1. Go for a Hike

Easter in the north can easily be summarized as a mix of winter and spring. Salten offers endless mountain peaks, hiking trails, and fantastic waterfalls that should be experienced. Pack your backpack as Norwegians do, with the essentials: chocolate bars, oranges and hot cocoa.

2. Go on a Weekend trip

Salten is full of gems that should be visited, so why not take a mini-vacation in one of the many accommodations? Hop on the express boat from Bodø to Steigen and spend a night at Helnessund Brygger, or jump in the car and drive to Gildeskål to experience spectacular glamping at Følvika Northern Retreat. If you want a city break you can stay over at one of the many hotels.

3. Bring your lunch to a beach

Beach life isn’t just reserved for summer, and if the weather is good, there’s little that beats a day at the beach. Prepare your packed lunch at home or bring pre-made batter to cook pancakes on a camping stove. Remember plenty of warm clothes.

4. Go on a road trip and eat the local dish, “Møsbrømlefse”

If there’s one thing the locals in Salten appreciate, it’s a good “Møsbrømlefse”. Why not take your family or friends on a road trip to Nordnes Kro and Camping or Kjerringøy Old Trading Post to enjoy Møsbrømlefse? You can also find Møsbrømlefse at the Coop café at City Nord. This is an especially great activity if the weather is a bit dull.

5. Visit Thaihuset and Gammen in Gildeskål, or the Stave Church in Beiarn

Right by the Coastal Route in Gildeskål, there are some hidden treasures. Just a few hundred meters from the road lie Thaihuset and Gammen. This is a place for relaxation and meditation, where one can sit in silence and gaze out over the beautiful landscape.

The Stave Church in Beiarn is also worth a visit. This is a miniature stave church, built by one man alone. Regardless of whether one is interested in culture or not, one should definitely see this amazing structure.

6. Easter without snow? Get your bike out!

If the snow is scarce during Easter and the ski trails are lacking, skis can easily be swapped out for a bike. Take a ride in your local area or embark on a longer journey if the weather cooperates. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent an electric bike from Opplev Nord in Bodø.

7. Easter with snow? Then you should hit the slopes!

Maybe there will be a typical Norwegian Easter atmosphere with snow in the slopes and sunshine. Then you should head to Vestvatn Alpine Resort and Arctic Cabins in Misvær. After a long day of activities on the slopes and coffee in the sun, you can retreat, relax, and enjoy the peace in one of Arctic Cabins’ cozy cabins.

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