Thaihuset in Gildeskål

Thaihuset and Gammen

Another time, another place – It’s easy to be surprised by what is hidden just a few hundred meters from the Coastal Route (Kystriksvegen). This hidden gem can be found right by the road as you drive through Gildeskål. A Thai landscape, a Sami building. A place for reflection and deep thoughts.

The Thai House and Gammen are open to everyone. The Thai House was designed by Thai artists and erected in collaboration with volunteers. The Sami bow-shaped Gammen is a traditional Sami building constructed through volunteer work under the guidance of a master in Sami craftsmanship. During the opening, the key was handed over to the mayor of Gildeskål by the artists. The key was then thrown into the water to emphasize that this place should be open to all.

At Oterstranda, there are signs directing to Skulpturlandskapet Nordland (The Nordland Sculpture Landscape). From the parking lot, the walk to the Thai House and Gammen is just under 300 meters. When the trail splits, follow the path to the right over a boardwalk across a swamp.

The visual artists Geir Tore Holm and Søssa Jørgensen are behind the art project called “The Nord Land.” The project began with a journey to Thailand and the project called “The Nord Land.” From there, they have brought along a philosophy and international art to Sørfjorden and Oterstranda.

The Thai House and Gammen, which are set up by Kjellingvatnet on Oterstranda, constitute a meeting and recreational place for locals, visitors, and visiting artists. They have been built based on ecological principles.

In the vicinity of the Thai House and Gammen, you will find another exciting art project to visit called “Den glømda staden” (The Forgotten Place), which is part of Skulpturlandskapet Nordland (The Nordland Sculpture Landscape).

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