18 Experiences to Give for Christmas

There’s nothing quite like the joy of sharing a wonderful experience with someone special.
Most of us already have what we need, but when it comes to experiences, the more, the merrier!

1. Sauna and Seaside Dips at Pust

I hjertet av Bodø havn finner du Pust. Her kan dere hoppe uti friskt sjøvann og nyte varmen i badstua mellom slagene.

In the heart of Bodø harbor lies Pust. Here, you can take a refreshing plunge into the sea and bask in the sauna’s warmth in between dips.

P.S. The water quality is regularly tested and remains top-notch despite its urban proximity.

2. Glacier Hiking at Svartisen

Experience Norway’s second-largest glacier up close and personal. Nordland Adventure offers guided trips that take you safely and thrillingly across the Engenbreen glacier in Meløy.

3. Rampen via ferrata

The brand-new via ferrata in Bodø is an absolute must-try. Embark on an exhilarating cliffside climb over the sea, just outside the city center! It’s a real adrenaline rush with breathtaking views.

4. A Stay at One of the Region’s Unique Accommodations

Salten is teeming with architecturally unique buildings set in stunning natural landscapes, along with other secluded accommodations where you can relax and savor both the views and the tranquility. Experience the award-winning cabins at Manshausen in Steigen, explore Tranøy Lighthouse situated in the midst of the open sea, find serenity at the Arctic Hideaway in Fleinvær, sleep under the ‘open sky’ at Følvika Northern Retreat on Sandhornøy, or indulge in one of the domes at Bjørklund Gård in Sørfold or Saltstraumen Hotel.

5. Snorkeling in Saltstraumen

Experience the diverse underwater life in the world’s strongest maelstrom. Join a snorkeling excursion with guides from Nord & Ne and witness rare fish species, crustaceans, sea anemones, coral reefs, and much more thriving in the unique conditions created by the currents. The underwater world here has fascinated countless divers worldwide. If you’re certified, you can also partake in diving adventures in this area.

6. Dog Sledding

Who wouldn’t dream of driving a dogsled? The perfect gift for someone who has everything.

7. Concert at Stormen Concert Hall

This is a must-mention. A concert, a theater performance, or a stand-up show almost never disappoints.

Feel free to combine it with the next item on the list.

8. A Culinary Experience in Downtown Bodø

In recent years, an explosion of excellent restaurants has transformed Bodø into a food haven, offering high-quality dishes and beverages. Menus often feature local produce and wines listed in the renowned Star Wine List.

9. Season Pass at Vestvatn Alpin Center

A season pass at Vestvatn Alpin Center is the perfect gift for the ski enthusiast who spends a lot of time on the slopes.

10. Guided Tour at One of Salten’s National Museums

Did you know that Salten hosts three national museums? Dive into fascinating history, led by skilled storytellers, and engage in exciting tasks and activities. Explore the architectural marvel of the Hamsun Center in Hamarøy, delving into the life of the author and Nobel Prize winner, Knut Hamsun. Visit the Jekt Trade Museum in Bodøsjøen to learn about Norway’s captivating coastal culture, or experience one of the new exhibits at the Norwegian Aviation Museum.

11. Kayaking Course

At Rett Kjøl, you can get gift cards for kayaking courses. It’s the perfect activity to do together, offering numerous great adventure opportunities for the future.

12. Nordlandsbadet Water Park

Water play is a hit with all children. They love to swim, and a trip to the water park will surely bring them joy.

13. Climbing Day at Mørkvedhallen Climbing Center

The entire Bodø community caught the climbing bug since the opening of Mørkvedhallen Climbing Center. The center offers routes and walls suitable for all levels, from young children and beginners to experienced climbing enthusiasts. Purchase a gift card for any amount and bring along the kids, teenagers, or an active adult to Norway’s coolest climbing center.

14. Wellness and Self-Care

A classic gift that everyone will appreciate is a gift card for pampering treatments. 7. Himmel offers a range of treatments, while London Barber specializes in beard care and men’s hairstyles.

15. RIB Tour to Saltstraumen

A classic experience every Salten resident and visitor should partake in. Do you know someone who hasn’t tried this yet? We can promise it’ll be a fabulous experience. Both Explore Salten and Stella Polaris offer tours to this stunning location.

16. Bodø Action Hall

At Bodø Action Hall, you can bring along kids or a friend for laser tag, escape rooms, virtual reality, or other fun games and activities.

17. Guided Mountain Hikes, Cycling Tours, Ski Adventures, and Climbing

How about a trip up the iconic Hamarøyskaftet or Norway’s national mountain, Stetind? Perhaps a hike along the Nordskott Traverse in picturesque Steigen? Or mountain skiing in powder snow? And thrilling mountain biking in Bodømarka? Several activity providers in Salten offer a variety of tours for all skill levels, ensuring safe passage up and down the mountains.

18. Outdoor Cooking Classes

Heges matopplevelser organizes courses in outdoor cooking using local ingredients at scenic destinations.

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