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Swimming at Pust Bodø

1. PUST Sauna

In the heart of Bodøs city centre, you will find Pust Sauna in the harbour.

You can book your sauna experience for free at www.pust.io/en/badstue/bodo by using the discount code: Bodø2024.

There will be a grand opening celebration called “PUST Bodø x BODØ2024” that takes place in the sauna on February 3rd at 6:00 PM. Attendees can enjoy champagne, music, essential oil-infused aufguss, and the chance to witness the Bodø2024 opening ceremony from a truly unique perspective. Feel free to join the festivities or drop by to observe on that day if you wish.

2. National Norwegian Aviation Museum

Free entrance at the Norwegian Aviation Museum when showing your accreditation.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is Norway’s national aviation museum. The museum conveys an intimate experience of aviation and its fascinating history, with the help of impressive exhibitions spread across an area of approximately 10,000 m2.

3. Newton Flight Academy

Free entrance at Newton Flight Academy where you can get a realistic experience of flying in a flight simulator!

It is located right outside the aviation museum, so a combination of these two is perfect.

4. Norwegian Jekt Trade Museum

Free entrance at the Jekt Trade Museum when showing your accreditation.

The exhibition in the Jekt Trade Museum invites our guests to reflect and learn about the history of jekt trade. A traditional Norwegian cargo vessel, jekt Anna Karoline, is the main attraction in the museum.Through activities and active senses the visitor is invited to immerse in the historic landscape of natures risks and richness, the investments made and profits to be won. You will learn of life onboard a stockfish jekt, about the knowledge and skills of the crew.

Guests at Vengen Skafferi, Jektefartsmuseet
Wood Hotel Bodø

5. Wood Hotel Bodø

A wooden dream is growing on Rønvikfjellet. In may 2024, the doors will open to what will be a luxurious resort in Northern Norway.

Built out of wood, the hotel will feature accommodation, restaurants, wellness, an array of outdoor activities and much more.

To join a guided tour on friday february 2nd, or get a tour upon request, contact:

Raymond Limstrand Jakobsen raymond@woodbodo.com
0047 932 54 586

Main attraction in bodø

Saltstraumen – The world´s strongest maelstrom

6. Open day at Saltstraumen Hotel & Fiskebørsen (february 5th)

Go for trip to Saltstraumen – The world´s strongest maelstrom. Saltstraumen hotel has an open day on Monday February 5th at 12.00 – 15.00. Have some fish soup, cake and get a tour at the exciting new Fiskebørsen. Free for all journalists with accreditation.

The maelstrom is at it´s strongest at 13.18.

Public bus transport from Bodø City Centre at 12.25, and back again 14.50 or 15.30.

7. Maelstrom hike at Saltstraumen – the world´s strongest maelstrom & tour at Saltstraumen museum (February 2nd and 5th)

Get a guided tour along the shoreside at Saltstraumen and learn about the phenomenon.

Or go for a visit at Saltstraumen museum.

Available for journalists upon request:

Elisabeth Nilsen
tlf: +47 465 29 488

8. Open day at Kjerringøy (February 5th)

Go for a daytrip to beautiful Kjerringøy outside Bodø. You can join a guided tour to Kjerringøy Trading Post, Karl Erik Harr Museum/Gallery and Zahlfjøsen gallery. Light lunch included.

Available for all juournalists upon request.

To book a tour, contact:
Tone Johanne Sandvik

Last chance to book is Sunday february 4th at 12.00.

In need of transport when visiting Saltstraumen or Kjerringøy?

Main attraction in bodø

Kjerringøy – The perfect combination of Nature & Culture

9. Concerts with the Arctic Philharmonic

Get free access to all concerts by the Arctic Philharmonic.

Contact to get your free ticket:

Charlotte Gjertsen
+47 975  94 111

Walking group in the rock wall, Via ferrata, Bratten

10. Rampen Via Ferrata

Dive into a unique experience at the world’s northernmost Via Ferrata, where spectacular nature meets adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Free tour on friday february 2nd at 13.00 or upon request. To book contact:

Svein Inge Sjøbu
+47 99 23 43 94

11. Nordlandsbadet Water Park & Wellness

Free entrance at Nordlandsbadet Water Park & Wellness Center.

Enjoy some self treatment at the wellness center or go for a swimming experience at the water park.

Jacuzzi on spectrum wellness
Royal bowling & billiards

12. Royal Bowling & Biljard

Free games, coffee and soft drinks at Royal Bowling in Bodø City Center.

13. Egna Sustainability Center

During Bodø 2024’s opening week, enjoy barista coffee and a cinnamon bun when showing your accreditation card here.

Discover a unique shopping experience at Egna, where you’ll find goods made from sustainable materials, recycled, refurbished, and ready for reuse. Beyond a store, it’s a multifaceted space featuring a cafe, sewing room, and meeting areas.

14. Påpir Library Bar & Café

Free coffee for all journalists with accreditation at the library bar.

The architectural library in the heart of the city center is worth a visit. Rent a book and enjoy it in the library bar.

15. Restaurant Egon

You will get 10% discount on all food when showing your accreditation card.

Located in the harbour, right next to the opening ceremony.

Olivia Ramsalt

16. Olivia Ramsalt

You will get 10% discount on all food & drinks when showing your accreditation card.

Crispy, stone-oven pizza, creamy pasta dishes and Italian antipasti is served here.

Located at the quay promenade

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