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The Nordland Research Institute stands as the sole social science research institute in Northern Norway with both ownership and headquarters based in the north.

Their research activities are deeply rooted in the northern regions, leveraging local advantages to illuminate critical questions and issues. Through projects centered on restructuration, innovation, and adaptation, their research contributes to shaping the future of society.

Here are example topics with links to related research projects and contact info: 

Coastal communities face many challenges including extreme weather associated with climate change, increased pressures from urban development and tourism, as well as changes in traditional and cultural practices. When faced with such a myriad of ever-changing challenges, it can be difficult to adapt. – EmpowerUs | Nordlandsforsking (

Climate change and nature loss in food industries (especially Sami and reindeer), as well as the interaction between industries based on natural resources, public policy and administration. – | Nordlandsforsking (

Various risk scenarios (also for Bodø) for high levels of global warming and the possible irreversible effects of exceeding the 1.5-degree climate target in the Paris Agreement. This includes rising sea levels, melting of permafrost and glaciers, and the loss of species on land and at sea. – PROVIDE (Paris Agreement Overshooting – Reversibility, Climate Impacts and Adaptation Needs) | Nordlandsforsking (

Sustainable development of coastal communities in the Arctic through qualitative case studies of cruise tourism development in six cruise communities across the European Arctic. – Caring4Cruise – Sustainable Arctic cruise communities: From practice to governance | Nordlandsforsking (

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