Island hopping in Salten

Island hopping in Salten

Do you know how many islands there are along the coast of Bodø and Salten? We don’t know the answer either but, when the Bliksvær archipelago alone accounts for 60 islands, we can only assume the total number of islands is extremely high.

Most of the islands are small and uninhabitable, but many are popular summer holiday destinations for island hoppers. Some visitors bring their bikes while others bring hiking boots or climbing ropes. Besides the magnificent nature, some islands offer unique places to stay and an exquisite kitchen.


Owing to the Gulf Stream and a sub-Arctic marine climate, this island kingdom is arable, mild and green. The view on the approach to Bodø will take your breath away. The lush green islands surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water mean it's like landing in paradise.

Here are some of the islands you can visit along the coast in the Salten region

2020-09-0711:28 Julie Abelsen