Svartvasshamran is the top tour that you can easily take straight from Ørnes, the municipal center in Meløy. The tour offers nice forest areas in Mosvolldalen and great mountain terrain when you break the forest line. At the height, you have a nice view of the surrounding areas of Spildra, the majestic mountains in the area and Ørnes.


At Namnlausvatnet

Highest point

626 masl


Medium/demanding, the walk is marked with blue markes and signs


11 km round trip


Forest road and path


5 hours

Hike Description

From the top of Svartvasshamran you have a great view over Meløy’s beautiful archipelago and further out into the Vestfjord. If the weather is clear, you can see the characteristic mountains of Træna in the southwest. This is one of the favorite trips of those who live on Ørnes. If you take the trip early in the morning, you can catch the Hurtigruta sailing with you.

At the Best petrol station in the center of Ørnes, you turn off and up the road to Mosvolldalen. Follow Mosvollveien up to Idrettsveien and turn left and continue past the sports complex to the Åsmoen car park. You can also park at the nearby sports facility. Grab your feet and follow the forest path for approx. 700 m into the valley and further on the signposted and blue-marked hiking trail to Svartvasshamran. The start of the marked tour also follows a forest road. The journey continues mostly in dry, fine terrain, on a clear path. The trip has a good climb, but is without demanding sections. You can also reach the destination Svartvasshamran from Aspdalen or Spilderdalen by following the signposted and blue-marked hiking trail to Barfjellet and on to Svartvasshamran.

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Getting to Svartvasshamran

The easiest way to get to Svartvasshamran is with your own car, speedboat, express route or bus along fv. 17.
Express boat direct from Bodø to Ørnes (Nordlandsekspressen), daily departure, approx. 2 hour journey.
Bus from Bodø to Mosvold on Ørnes. Several times a day.
You can bring a bicycle on both the express boat and the bus.

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