As the name says, Hornneset juts out into the sea, out into crystal clear water and chalk white sand and out towards Meløy’s beautiful island world. Out here you will experience sandy beaches, grasslands, lightning grabs, rocky cliffs, hills and idyllic forest terrain.


The Parking Lot at Fore, Reipå.

Highest point

30 masl


Easy, marked trail


4 km round trip


Along path and forest road, some wet parts.


1,5 hours

Hike Description

From Hornneset you have a fantastic view. The trip is easy going and suitable for most people. If you want a slightly bigger challenge and see it all a bit more from above, you can take a detour up to Horntinden. Hornneset has been voted Meløy’s most attractive hiking area, and for good reason.

In the center of Reipå, take the exit to Fore and drive/walk/cycle past the church and continue straight to the end of the road and the car park at Fore. From here, there are several paths that take you to the tour’s main destination – the beaches and rocky cliffs out to sea. You can find the tellur code at the tourist box in the bay furthest to the north.

The “Innerveien” tour – turn right at the first intersection and follow the path towards the sea. The walk “Midtre vei” – follow the path straight ahead, a slightly faster walk than the “Innerveien”. The “Fjæraveien” trip – follow the path and head down towards the sea at the first crossing and follow the mountains out to the beautiful beaches. Feel free to choose one trip out and the other back, but feel free to spend some time out on the headland to calm down and explore the many coves.

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Getting to Hornneset

The easiest way to get to Hornneset is with your own car, or take the bus along fv. 17. Bus from Bodø/Ørnes to Reipå center is also an alternative, with several departures a day. You can take your bike on the bus for free.

If you want to spend the night, you can check in at Reipå Camping, Ørnes hotel or tent on your own in a cove of your choice.

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