Nedre Naver – Glomfjord lion

Nedre Naver and The Glomfjord Lion

Glomfjellet is part of the Lákho and Saltfjellet-Svartisen national parks. Here you will find an unique limestone/karst landscape. The hike to Nedre Naver goes through Lákho in easy, open mountain terrain. You pass Glomfjordløva, a large rock that looks like a sea lion. Here you are welcome to climb up and take your own photo.


At Namnlausvatnet

Highest point

570 masl




11 km round trip


Construction road and path in mountainous terrain


4 hours

Hike Description

At the destination Nedre Naver you will also find Rallarbrakka, which has an open café on certain days in the summer. Here is also the spectacular Fykantrappa with approx. 1100 steps. Both the road up, the construction road, the barracks at Nedre Naver and Fykantrappa were built in connection with the large power development at Glomfjellet. The view is breathtaking! The Fykan stairs themselves are unfortunately currently closed.

Take off fv. 17 at Fykanvannet and drive up Fjellveien along Fykanvatnet and through two tunnels to the car park at Namnlausvatnet. Be aware that the road can be bumpy in the dark tunnels, but it’s not a problem if you just adjust your speed. Follow the old construction road west to the west end of Namnlausvatnet. Here you turn off on a path with red T markings west towards lower Navervatnet.
At Nedre Naver you will find Rallarbrakka and Fykantrappa. We recommend taking the same trip back, but please also take a look at the Fykantrappa. The view and the stairs are an impressive sight!

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Getting to Nedre Naver

The easiest way to get to Støtt is by speedboat/local boat.
You can also choose to come in your own boat.
There is a guest harbor at Støtt brygge.

The express boat goes directly from Bodø to Støtt (Nordlandsekspressen), with a daily departure, approx. 1 hour journey. It is also possible to travel by bus from Bodø to Ørnes kai. Local boat from Ørnes to Støtt, certain days of the week.

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