Coastal Holiday in Gildeskål

Coast, culture, raw nature, and small island communities are just some of what awaits you in Gildeskål.

A vacation for relaxation, cultural enrichment, and energy.

Experience the coast of Gildeskål, a vacation that will stay with you for a long time.

The coast of Gildeskål is best experienced at a leisurely pace, allowing time to take in, see, and learn about the rich history and nature of the area. This hidden gem lies just by the Coastal Route, and is a detour that everyone must experience.

For centuries, the people here have been inspired by the magnificent nature of Gildeskål, from azure blue seas and sandy beaches to tall, majestic mountains.

Duration: 1 – 7 days

Sesong: Summer and autumn

Transport:  Own car, rental car, or a combination of bus, bicycle, and Express boat.


Inndyr is a small settlement with around 800 residents. The center of Inndyr is situated by the idyllic Inndyrsvågen, a frequently used harbor for tourists and boaters during the summer. Inndyr is located approximately ninety kilometers south of Bodø and is a small detour from the Coastal Route.

The town offers amenities such as a bank, grocery store, hardware store, café, accommodations, and a docking pier for fast boats. Additionally, there is a guest pier in the harbor.

Among the attractions, one must experience the unique Gildeskål church site with its over 1000-year-old history and the Salmon Center, a display facility for salmon.

Salmon Center Gildeskål

Salmon Center Gildeskål is located in Inndyr and disseminates knowledge about salmon, offering RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) tours to the fish farms.

Admission is free, making it a great experience for the whole family

Gildeskål Church Site

Gildeskål church site is a historical gem along the coast of Nordland. A medieval church dating back to 1130, with a visible history spanning over 1000 years. The church site is beautifully situated by the sea


After experiencing Inndyr, the journey continues to Sandhornøy. You can reach this island by ferry or express boat. The island, the largest in Gildeskål, is a natural idyll, and one of the region’s most beautiful mountain hikes, Sandhornet, is one of the attractions here.

Sandhornet rises 993 meters above sea level and is a well-known landmark along the shipping lane. Also clearly visible is Langsanden, a 2 km long sandy beach, which is a popular recreational area for the entire region.

Elias Blix, the hymn writer, grew up at Blixtunet on Sandhornøy. In his most famous hymn, “Barndomsminne fra Nordland” (Childhood Memories from Nordland), he writes about Sandhornøy.

To reach Sandhornøy, there are ferry connections, express boat stops, and a bridge connection to the mainland



For many, this is the ultimate trip in Gildeskål. From an elevation of almost 1000 meters, on a clear day, you can enjoy a breathtaking view towards Lofoten and Steigen in the north, Værøy and Røst in the west, Træna along the Helgeland coast, Svartisen in the south, and in the east, mighty mountains stretching all the way to Sulitjelma and Sweden.


Along the coast and through the beautiful scenery on Sandhornøy, you get to experience the landscape where the hymn writer, politician, Bible translator, and Northern Norway patriot Elias Blix grew up.


Beneath towering mountains, you’ll find the vast sandy beach on Sandhornøy. The beach is perfect for warm summer days, offering plenty of space. On summer evenings, you can enjoy a prime view of the midnight sun, and in the winter, it’s the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky.


After Sandhornøy, the journey continues to Arnøy, which you can reach by ferry or express boat. The Arnøy islands consist of two islands – Sør-Arnøy and Nord-Arnøy, and they are perfect to explore from the saddle of a bicycle, as the road between the two islands is just under 6 km long.

On the Arnøy islands, you’ll stroll along bright gravel roads and green meadows, with Sandhornet as a backdrop. You will pass well-preserved white-painted Nordland houses, red barns, grazing cows, and friendly ‘Arnøyværinger’ who greet everyone they meet along the way.

On Nordarnøy, you can visit a coastal fort from World War II, strategically placed German coastal artillery. Today, it is a unique place to experience the midnight sun and the airy coastal nature.


Arnøy Brygge

Arnøy Brygge is idyllically situated at the outermost point of Nord-Arnøy. The facility offers accommodation, a restaurant, a separate shop, and activities. Here, you have your base in fishermen’s cabins (rorbuer) or apartments while experiencing the rest of the island from the saddle of a bicycle or going on a fishing trip with a rented boat.

Nord-Arnøy Coastal Fort

There are many fascinating stories associated with the Nordarnøy Coastal Fort, built in 1941-1942 at the very end of Nordarnøy. With a commanding view towards the Bodø Peninsula, it was strategically positioned German coastal artillery during the war.

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