Storflåget is a popular hiking destination among the people in Saltdal. If you take the trip here, you get a free and airy view over large parts of Saltdal.


Linebakken or the roundabout in Rognan.

Highest point

439 masl


Moderate, marked trail


5 km


Path, steep climb


2,5 hours

Hike Description

The view and the proximity to the center of Rognan attract many to this destination. You also get good exercise with the purchase. Some believe the name Rognan comes from the word raun, which means bare mountain bed. If so, Rognan gets its name from the rock wall that guards the place and which you might want to climb? The path along the flag is good, but steep at the start. Fortunately, you can rest on some benches at the worst spots.

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds 55 captivating hikes in the region.

Getting to Storflåget

Drive to Rognan and park at Linebakken or the roundabout. The path is well marked. The trip up is 2.5 km with a good climb. After 400 m you come to Kvilesteinen, and after approx. 2/3, you can stop at Litjflåget. At Litjflåget, tables and benches are set up at the best vantage point. Here you can see the center of Rognan directly from above. At the top of Storflåget there is a nice view south to Ørfjellet and east to the Sulisfjelle. It is possible to take a round trip and go south and down to Prestegården or follow the path over Risnakken, down to Risheim and further down Sæterveien. On the map, the area is named Fiskvågflåget and trim boxes can be found both on Storflåget and Lisjflåget.

Travel by Public Transport

Buses run from Bodø and Fauske to Rognan with one to two departures per day and approx. 1.5 hour journey from Bodø.

Train from Bodø to Rognan is also a good alternative with four to eight departures per day.

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