Take a trip to Ingeborgfossen, Saltens infamous waterfall, and the perfect spot for this year’s Instagram photo.



Highest point

187 masl


Easy, path


2,5 km


Hilly terrain, somewhat steep

Estimated Time

1 hour round trip

Hike Description

The waterfall cascades down the mountainside like a white and beautiful bridal veil, stretching approximately 1.5 km before flowing into Botnvatnet. During the melting of snow in the mountains or periods of heavy rainfall, the waterfall is at its most spectacular. The hike to the waterfall is also enjoyable, and the suspension bridge at the beginning is an experience in itself. The trail brings you close to the foaming water as it winds up along the waterfall. At the top, a stunning view, an exercise box, and a resting bench await you. If you desire a longer hike, you can continue following the river further into the mountains.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 forførende friluftsmål in the region.

Getting to Ingeborgfossen

Follow E6 and take the exit signposted for Botn War Cemetery. Drive along the road for 3 km until it ends. Parking is available at the far end of Botnvatn near the suspension bridge. The trail crosses the suspension bridge and is marked towards the waterfall. Take the forest road after 100 m from the suspension bridge. It is an easy hike across a marshy area to reach the waterfall. If you wish to continue up to the viewpoint overlooking the waterfall, be aware that it is a steep hike and you should allocate an extra hour.

To reach Botnvatn, the easiest way is by private car or bus. Buses are available from Bodø and Fauske to Botn bus stop with multiple daily departures. Taking the bus would add an extra 6 km round trip to the hike, but you can consider it as a warm-up if you choose to bring your bicycle along.

Saltens fossejuvel


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