Engenbreen is Norway’s lowest-lying glacier. It is a glacier arm of Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen. The area gives you a magnificent impression of the development of the glaciers in a majestic landscape. Engenbreen is easily accessible, is much visited and offers unique nature experiences.


The parking lot for the boat to Engenbreen in Holandsvika

Highest point

125 masl




4,6 km one way


Easy going, with a lot of bare mountain


3 hours

Hike Description

If you arrive from the south, it is approx. 12 km along fv. 17 from Forøy to Holandsvika, where the shuttle boat docks. If you come from the north, it is approx. 24 km from Glomfjord to Holandsvika.

To Engenbreen / Svartisen you have to take the shuttle boat “Isprins”. The boat trip takes approx. 10 minutes and is an experience in itself. At Isprins you can rent a bike and cycle 3 km inland on the gravel road towards the glacier. You can also choose to walk.

From the end of the gravel road, follow the marked path. A short distance up the mountains the path splits. Follow the light blue straight ahead. It is the easiest way to Varden and further towards Tåkeheimen/Helgelandsbukken if you want. Varden is the destination for this trip. For safety reasons, we do not recommend anyone to go closer to the glacier than the cairn.

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Getting to Engenbreen

The easiest way to get to Holandvika, which is the starting point for the trip, is with your own car, or the bus along fv. 17 from Bodø/Ørnes and Forøy to Holandsvika. Several departures daily.

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