At Støtt, the ocean meets the sheltered Meløyskjærgården. Støtt is the northernmost island gathering on the Helgeland coast and Meløy. The island itself is a beautiful island, in the middle of the main line along the world’s most beautiful coast. On the inside, almost all boat traffic goes along the coast. Here, coastal culture oozes in an open and beautiful island landscape. The hike around Innerstøtt offers idyllic sandy beaches and a bustling bird life.


At Støtt pier

Highest point

10 masl




6,5 km round trip


Asphalt road and marked path


2 hours

Hike Description

The hike around Innerstøtt starts at Støtt pier, the guest harbor and the speed boat quay. Follow the road over the bridge to the east to Innerstøtt. The road goes past the prayer house, before you follow the marked path to Tjuvdalen and on to Stavnes and over the southernmost point on the island.

When you have rounded the headland and started your journey north again, you will eventually enter the road that takes you back to Støtt brygge and the speed boat dock.

The trail is marked with signs and blue marks.

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Getting to Innerstøtt

The easiest way to get to Støtt is by speedboat/local boat.
You can also choose to come in your own boat.
There is a guest harbor at Støtt brygge.

The express boat goes directly from Bodø to Støtt (Nordlandsekspressen), daily departure, approx. 1 hour journey. It is also possible to travel by bus from Bodø to Ørnes kai. Local boat from Ørnes to Støtt, certain days of the week.

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