The cycle path in Saltdal

The best way to experience Saltdal is from the bike seat. You will get a close-up experience of nature and culture as you ride along roads with little or no motorised traffic. The cycling route starts at Storjord and continues along the banks of the Saltdalselva river to Rognan.

Facts about the cycle path

Parking/start: Saltdal Turistsenter, Storjord

Level: Moderate, marked path/road

Ascent: approx. 250 m

Highest point: 120 m.a.s.l

Lengst: 41 km

Duration: 3 hours

Terrain: Relatively gentle forest terrain, sealed/gravel roads and path 

Municipality: Saltdal

About the area

You will long remember this wonderful bike ride where the fjord and mountains meet in beautiful harmony. There are many nice places to stop along the route. You can buy food at Storjord, Nordnes and Røkland. We recommend cycling the path in stages. You will find nice accommodation in Storjord, Nordnes and Rognan.

This route is one of the 55 forførende friluftsmål (enticing outdoor destinations) – often 55FF – selected by the Salten Friluftsråd (outdoor recreation board). 

Route description

Follow the E6 highway to the Saltdal Turistsenter at Storjord and park here. The cycle route leads across a bridge and along the western side of the river. There are several benches and rustic shelters along the route.

When you reach Tømmerdal, you can choose to cycle the old E6 highway or across the river to Røkland. From Røkland, the route continues over Vensmoen on the old E6 highway. When you reach Brenne, cross the river to Os and then ride along the eastern side of river to Nestby. You will find a rustic shelter and fire pit here.

The cycle route is marked to Nygård in Rognan. You can also start here and cycle the route in the opposite direction.

Public transport

There are buses from Bodø and Fauske to Saltdal Turistsenter. There are 1-2 departures per day and the journey takes approx. 2.5 hours. 

The train from Bodø to Rognan is also a good option. There are 4-8 departures per day.

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