Bïegke Beahteme – Bodø2024


Bïegke Beahteme is a theater trilogy about natural resources and rights by Åarjelhsamien Teatere/Sydsamisk teater.

Åarjelhsaemien Teatere / Sydssamisk Teater was established on January 1st 1985 by older South Sámi individuals from Norway and Sweden as an amateur theater group that transcended national borders. The theater had a location in Mo i Rana and one in Tärnaby in Storuman municipality. With theatre, they wanted to share and highlight South Sami language and culture. In 2008, the theater was divided into a Norwegian and a Swedish part. On September 9th 2012, the
Norwegian part was converted into an AS, which is still owned to this day by the Sami
Parliament, Nordland County Municipality and Rana Municipality.
Åarjelsaemien theater works to promote and develop South Sami performing arts. Southern
Sami language and culture are central to all work.

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