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FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is the largest science and technology competition for
children and youth and is held in 110 countries. Every season culminates in tournaments
around the world, and 50 of these winners that are invited to participate in the world final in
Bodø: FIRST® LEGO® League Open European Championship.

The challenge the teams will be working on is called MASTERPIECE and focuses on
technology and arts. The teams will engage in research, problem-solving, coding and
engineering – building and programming a LEGO robot that navigates the missions of a
robot game. As part of Challenge, teams also participate in a research project to identify and
solve a relevant real -world problem. The 800 participants in Open European Championship
Bodø will come to Bodø to present their work and celebrate the end of this year’s season
together with children and youth form around the the globe.

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