In 2024, Vega World Heritage turns 20 years old. Their marking and contribution to the
capital of culture year is Sound of Silence, a UNESCO symposium in Bodø, with a number
of events on climate, seabirds, coastal culture and nature.

On the program we will find, among other things, the art project Allhavet. Allhavet is the
Norwegian name for the primordial ocean Panthalassa that encircled Pangea 200 million
years ago, and also the title of a collaboration between visual artist Maja Nilsen and composer
Kristine Tjøgersen. The project consists of an exhibition in the Bodø art association, a newly
composed orchestral work performed by the Arctic Philharmonic in Stormen concert hall, as
well as a publication on marine biology, coastal history, islands and mythology.
In addition to this, there will be everything from an e-harp to an e-house workshop for the little

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