Giving it the right shape – Bodø2024


Traditionally, the Sami have throughout all ages made their tools and sewn their clothes. These
are made based on materials found in nature: roots, birch burl, leather, tendons, reindeer
antlers to name a few. Sami craftsmanship – both hard and soft, is the main division of

The title «Giving it the right shape» plays on the shape of the materials, which determines the
result, e.g. the shape and size of a birch burl into a milk bowl. The exhibition at Nordlandsmueet
shows newly produced objects, and not older cultural-historical objects, which have been
borrowed from mainly Sami museums and collections. Nordlandsmuseet has relatively
few objects of its own in its own collections. The exhibition will be unique in its kind.
Participants: Sami performers from four countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and
Russia). There will be over 50 practitioners in various techniques. Many of these are active
tradition bearers and practitioners today.

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