Opening Ceremony – Bodø2024 European Capital of Culture


On 3 February we will all gather in the marina – whatever the weather! – and get a spectacular show with us, before we head inside and continue the celebration around the city centre.

There will be a Sami market in Rådhusparken, in addition to all the small and large venues in the city contributing to the day’s festivities.

The tiny otolith, the cod’s ear stone, contains
physical evidence of who each individual fish
is. How old it is, where it has been, environment
and climate. Like annual rings. This is the
starting point for the opening of Bodø2024:
who and what we are, who and what we want
to be, and what memories we will create in
the next year. This is also implemented into
the floating scene which is central when the
opening moment occurs.

Look forward to experiencing a fantastic show
created and produced by Phase7 from Berlin, in
close collaboration with Nordland Teater

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