Sailing Day Trips from Bodø, Northern Norway


Sailing is a great way to explore the beautiful coastline in Northern Norway. Join as a crew member or just enjoy the scenery in slow motion. If you choose the correct season you may be able to experience both the midnight sun and Northern Lights during your sailing trip from Bodø.

Starting from our homeport in Bodø. The winds will most likely determine which route we sail. There are multiple islands in most directions and the route will be finally decided on departure day. For a group of guests we can, of course, sail where you most want to go!

Be a crewmember – or just relax during the scenic route among the many islands around Bodø. Sea eagles watch us closely as we glide through the water and maybe we visit one of the islands as well. No previous experience in sailing is required, the trips are suitable for everyone.

Sailing is an environmental friendly way to get around and allows us to come close to wildlife and nature. The relaxed pace gives ample time to see and hear what comes along.
Sports sailing is a bit different. With just a nice breeze we get to taste the kind of action high speed regatta boats deal with – on a level that can be done safely by a “normal” crew.

Learning to sail is not done in one trip – however, we will do our best to give those keen on the mysteries of exploiting the wind a basic knowledge both in theory and, of course, in practice. Just remember to let us know when you have had enough so you can sit back and enjoy!

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