Caving Adventure in Northern Norway

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We run this tour year-round. Winter is actually best season.


From Bodø in Northern Norway you find caves for both beginners and if you are looking for a more thrilling experience. Nordland is the area in Scandinavia with the best possibilities to do caving. Best season for caving? Winter!

Caves are dark, mysterious and challenging. Most of the caves in Norway are “wild” caves and have not been developed in any way. They are the same temperature (above freezing) all year round, and feel cool in the summer and warm in the Winter.

Caving is a year-round adventure for both novice and experienced cavers. Best of all: no matter what weather or season!

What to see? From beautiful limestone formations to deep caving systems. Nordland has underground adventures for all interests. This is The Underground Scenic Wonderland in Northern Norway!

Moderate – Hard.

4 – 6 h from meeting point (time inside cave: up to 4 h.).

Day trip from Bodo and back: approx. 6 – 8 h.

Group size & Capacity
Minimum: four people. Available for groups.

Season & Availability
We run this tour year-round, but winter is the best season.

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Contact information

Telephone: 906 36 086

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